Our company AjurShop is the official distributor and importer of herbal teas, cosmetics and nutritional supplements Organic India in Slovakia. We also distribute natural Ayurvedic cosmetics Tarika from the Indian manufacturer Ayurlabs India, popular herbal teas Samahan and Amurtha from the Sri Lankan manufacturer Link Natural and Ayurvedic products Sattva.

We offer wholesale prices to shops, pharmacies, therapists and other businesses. If you are interested in wholesale cooperation, do not hesitate to use the registration form below, we will review your registration promptly. After the registration has been approved, you will be able to create wholesale orders using the e-shop.


A password will be sent to your email address when your account is approved.

Payment options

Payment for the goods is only possible by bank transfer to our account before the delivery of the goods. After submitting your order, a proforma invoice with payment instructions will be issued and sent to you via e-mail.

Once the order is dispatched, an invoice will be issued and and sent to your e-mail address. If you are registered for VAT in the European Union, the invoice will not include VAT – the reverse charge will apply.

Shipping options

Shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the parcels. For each 10 kg box (even started), the following cost is charged. After submitting your order, a proforma invoice with payment instructions will be issued and sent to you via e-mail. The proforma invoice will include the actual shipping costs for your order.

Member stateShipping option
AT Austriacourier (4,60 €) – D + 2
BE Belgiumcourier (8,10 €) – D + 3-4
BG Bulgariacourier (5,70 €) – D + 3-5
CZ Czechiacourier (3,80 €) – D + 1
HR Croatiacourier (4,70 €) – D + 3
HU Hungarycourier (4,50 €) – D + 2
DK Denmarkcourier (10,20 €) – D + 4-5
EE Estoniacourier (8,90 €) – D + 3
FI Finlandcourier (17,90€) – D + 6-7
FR Francecourier (7,60 €) – D + 3
DE Germanycourier (5,40 €) – D + 2
EL Greececourier (4,90 €) – D + 3
IE Irelandcourier (9,40 €) – D + 4-5
IT Italycourier (6,90 €) – D + 3-4
LV Latviacourier (8,40 €) – D + 3
LT Lithuaniacourier (8,00 €) – D + 3
LU Luxembourgcourier (13,60 €) – D + 3-4
NL Netherlandscourier (8,20 €) – D + 3-4
PL Polandcourier (3,90 €) – D + 2
PT Portugalcourier (9,90 €) – D + 4
RO Romaniacourier (3,90 €) – D + 2
SI Sloveniacourier (5,30 €) – D + 3
ES Spaincourier (9,90 €) – D + 4
SE Swedencourier (15,90 €) – D + 4-5

Claims and faulty goods

Defective goods: we are liable for defects that the goods have on receipt. For items sold at a lower price, we are not liable for the defect because of which the lower price has been agreed. Defects in the goods must be claimed within 14 days after the delivery of the goods.

Damage to goods in transit: in the event of damage to goods in transit, we recommend that you do not accept a visibly damaged package from the courier. By accepting the package you confirm that the package is in order. If you accept the damaged package, you must claim the damage from us no later than the day after you receive the goods. Photographs of the outer packaging (box), the inside of the packaging (box), and the extent of the damage (damaged products) must be enclosed. If the damage to the goods is not claimed in time and accompanied by photo documentation, no compensation for the damaged goods can be provided.

Best before and use-by dates: all products are supplied with at least 6 months to the end of the best before or use-by date. If we deliver a product with a shorter expiry date or best-before date, a claim must be made within 14 days of receipt of the goods, the goods will be replaced. If you make a claim later than this, a replacement cannot be provided.